We are very lucky to have the beautiful Muirshiel regional park here on our doorstep. Plenty of places too sniff.

Some of the other places I enjoy walking dogs include Whiteless Moor, Everton Forest or Lunderston beach the list goes on.

All the dogs in my care are walked on lead to begin with; regular leads at first then flexi leads can be used until they bond with me and with the other dogs.

This can take time depending on how well socialized they have been with other dogs.

It will only be once the dog can be fully trusted in my care that they will go off lead and only with your permission.

I transport the dogs around using my own spacious family car, there is no advertising on the car as I find my customers prefer it that way.

The car is fully insured for transporting dogs and everything has been done to make it as confortable for them as possible. They particularly enjoy looking out of the windows!

Firstly give me a call, text or use the online Contact form.

We arrange a time for me to come to your home, this allows me to meet you and your dog in a familiar environment.

There we can discuss any requirements you or your dog may have and answer any questions.

Between us we then create a flexible plan to suite you.

I will then collect your dog from your home.  

Fun group or solo walks are available throughout the day.

Dogs travel safely in my own family car.

Dogs are walked at safe and appropriate locations.

Paws will be cleaned and dried prior to being returned to your home.

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