This handsome fellow is a Schnauzer called Joe. A real crowd stopper, as everyone tends to want to meet him. He laps it up… quite the wee superstar.


Harris is a Cairn terrier and loves his walks so much he pretty much shows me where he wants to go, for an old boy he’s pretty stuck in his ways. He likes to make friends with everybody and is best pals with Mollie. He's very photogenic and quite the poser.

She is always full of energy and just loves running. Can be a little bit shy with other dogs at first but that doesn’t last long at all. She’s especially fond of Harris.

Niko, Keira & Cass

Here we have a very close family of Akitas. Niko the father is definitely a huger (which i don't mind), The mother Kiera always seems to be by my side and Cass their daughter scouts ahead for butterflies and mice!

Charlie & Lola

You wouldn’t think it to look at them but these two are brother and sister. Charlie is absolutely obsessed with my car and sneaks in all the time… thank goodness he can’t drive. Lola is very vocal and loves getting attention, shes quite the tree climber even though she only has three legs.

Loki & Lola
These star-crossed lovers are kept in separate cages for obvious reasons, but Loki always seems to find a way in to see Lola. They have recently became proud parents of 6 and Casper has become a very proud uncle.

Millie & Mylo

These Beagles are brother and sister. They love going to the beach and are almost like each other’s shadow, Mylo is the leader and where he goes Millie will follow. Both are bursting full of energy and love meeting other dogs.


Coco always has her nose so close to the ground that she sometimes stands on her own ears! She loves being in a group and is always looking for a wee treat. A fantastic Cocker Spaniel.


Nymeria is an Alaskan Malamute and is happiest in the snow chasing her own tail! I love taking her too forests as she is great to watch weaving in and out of the trees. She is great friends with Dougal and Ally.


Ally is a Schnauzer but sometimes acts more like a cat as she often rubs against your leg. Ally is very content just plodding along at her own pace but when it snows she turns into a puppy and is very playful. Shes a wee gem.


Casper is such a softy and is so laid back. He’s definitely an animal lover as his best pals are rabbits, its so funny watching him give them kisses…


Mollie is always happy to see me, She does a wee ballerina dance (spins in circles on her hind legs) when I open the door. She’s definitely a character, the only dog I know to run and then slide like a sledge across wet grass and snow. She’s best buds with Harris and Chichovsky. A cracking little westy.


Thor certainly lives up to his name as he is huge and always the protector. Wherever his family’s kids go to play Thor always follows to keep an eye on them. He also has a tender side and is a very affectionate cat.


Enzo the Bulldog is a proper character. He loves the back of the car so much, It can take some persuading to get him out. Once he’s out he is quick to run off to play with his friends. He’s especially fond of Dougal and acts like his big brother.


Dougal is a big puppy and acts thus. He finds everything incredibly exciting! Especially meeting new friends and playing with them. Other than every dog he meets his two best friends are Nymeria and Enzo. A very lovable Labradoodle.


Lola is like a cross between a kangaroo and racehorse, you should see her run and jump. Lola has only one gear and that’s fast! Which makes it so hard to take a photo of her. She loves picking up sticks but when I say sticks I mean branches usually over 3 times longer than her. She’s a great dog and a joy to watch.


Belle is a gorgeous Springer Spaniel. She can be shy to meet new dogs at first but quickly warms up to them. Belle is absolutely ball daft and when she brings them back she will drop it right on your foot. Her best pals are Millie, Mylo and Coco.

Max & Kaira 

Max is always chasing Kiara around even though he is faster and he’s quite the gentleman, always letting Kaira bring the ball back to me. They are a little eccentric also, as they spin round exactly three times before they go for number 2’s, which is so funny. Both are very friendly and know almost every dog in the park.

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