1 hour
£9.00 per dog

Dogs are pack animals by nature and really do enjoy socializing with other dogs.

The group walks give your dog the opportunity to play, exercise, explore a variety of locations and have lots of fun within a small group.

On these walks I help teach your dog how to socialize within a group and give them basic training.

Safety is paramount and as such all dogs in my care will be assessed by me during their initial Solo walks, before being introduced safely and gradually to one another. I select which dogs are suited to walk together, depending on size, age, energy levels and temperament. 

All the dogs will be walked in a group for a full hour no matter what the weather. They will be out a little longer due to pick ups and drops offs.

40 minutes
£9.00 per dog
Solo walks can be the best option for young, old, nervous dogs or if you would just prefer that your dog is not walked as part of a group.

The solo walks are also used in the beginning for dogs that need a little bit of socialisation before being integrated into a group walk.    

I can also provide daily visits to your pets whilst you are away on holiday. 

Together we can sit down and put together a tailored plan for their care and comfort.

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